PRESS RELEASE: Exchanging Pleasantries Dips Toe In The Short Film Pool

So there’s a guy, a girl and a diner. There’s a menu and coffees and a waiter. Forks, spoons, cream and sugar. And the guy says something and the girl says something else. Then there’s a reaction. If it’s a love story things go one way; if it’s a tragedy they go the other and if it’s a comedy, well, it’s all delivery anyway so it doesn’t matter what’s actually being said.

After everybody’s reacted you’re either on her side or his side or if you ended up thinking it’s totally stupid then you’re probably thinking about whether a ceiling fan can hold your body weight because you would rather hang yourself than watch that again.

Hugo De Naranja and The Neapolitan Mastiff are putting together a frothy series of shorts.

Be Advised: No one’s going to be thinking about ceiling fans.

-The Neapolitan Mastiff

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