Eavesdrop It Like It’s Hot!

“Some days, the only thing that gets me out of bed, is the chance that today might be the day, The Sartorialist takes my picture.” Le Trousdale, West Hollywood

“It’s like being broke at Magic Mountain and you can’t afford the six dollar hamburger, but you’re happy—you’re at Magic Mountain.” Runyon Canyon, Hollywood

“She’s been a lesbian since the day she was born. She probably popped out wearing a toolbelt.” Monty’s, Topanga

“In my past life, I must’ve been a slave trader or a club promoter. That’s the only possible explanation for why my car keeps getting towed.” LA Live, DTLA

“Who would you rather make-out with Bob Hoskins or pre-weight loss Oprah?” Manny’s El Tepeyac, Boyle Heights

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