Trading For Global Warming: Cosmic Kids

There’s a pool and it could be anywhere—the middle of the desert, the top of a hotel—it could be Charlie Sheen’s pool in the middle of the desert and on top of a hotel. There’s excessive UV exposure, beads of sweat are slipping down napes and everyone is bi-winning. There’s cheap beer, some version of champagne bobbing in a bath of ice water and lots of drinks with mint floating around the bottom that taste strangely delicious and dehydrating. Overheated bodies are palpitating to a rhythm that they believe is distinctly theirs, but in fact is anything but as it effortlessly unites the solipsistic masses as a single conglomeration—crowd, party.

But this is nothing new and that crowd can be found year-round. What is new is Reginald’s Groove by Cosmic Kids. It’s one of those tracks, which induces a dopamine driven inflated sense of self, shedding listeners of history—it emphasizes the moment. Girls emancipated from inhibition will flock in bathing suits that look like failed FIDM projects and everyone will love it. Guys will strip themselves of conventional wisdom and hedonistically offer thighs and comfortably pallid chests to the sun. Some will also love this, but all will indulge.

I hate to champion the pending 2012 apocalypse, but I’d gladly concede to it in return for a mid-summer’s afternoon pool party right about now. What do I care about melting ice caps? Charlie and I are in it to win it.


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  1. So true! We’re (wife & I) are dancing in the living room. Great writing & Thank You for the music!

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