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Recent Praise for Exchanging Pleasantries

“Like a canary sucking up methane in a coal mine, Exchanging Pleasantries keeps humming away while the rest of the world waits at a safe distance… when Exchanging Pleasantries stops humming, the end for all of us is near.” ┬áR.Z. Poalek, Time

“After reading (Exchanging Pleasantries) my first thought was these guys are raging alcoholics. I’m still working on my second thought.” Sonia Chisolm, Seattle Times

“It’s the tres best! It’s totally tres!” Carla Bruni

“I thought only drug-addled, transient accordionists could come up with the kind of macabre thoughts they seem to think up over cereal.” Eugenio Bretani, Huffington Post

“Exchanging Pleasantries is backed by oil giants. TOLDJA!” Nikki Finke, Deadline Hollywood

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